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Green Valley Elementary School Library: Pioneer Research

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World Book Kids Info about Pioneers

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Article about Pioneers

from the World Book Online Kids Encyclopedia

Pebble Go Info about U.S. Explorers

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Pebble Go Biographies about U.S. Explorers

Prairie Webcam from Homestead National Monument

Sunset on the tallgrass prairie

See the webcam view of the oldest restored tallgrass prairie in the US National Park Service.

Ducksters Info about U.S. Explorers and Westward Expansion

Ducksters Educational Site

Ducksters Information about Pioneers and Westward Expansion

Westward Expansion and Pioneer Biographies

Daily Life on the Frontier

The Oregon Trail

Log Cabins


TrueFlix eBooks - Westward Expansion

Build a Sod House on the Prairie

Test your knowledge about Prairie Life!

Build a sod house!

Subject Guide

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