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Green Valley Elementary School Library: Virtual Field Trips

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Virtual Field Trips

San Diego Zoo

Monterery Bay Aquarium

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Clearwater Marine Aquarium WebCams

Winter's Tail Virtual Field Trip

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

PA Eagle Cam

Houston Zoo WebCams

Boston Children's Museum

State of Liberty - NPS Virtual Tour

I Survived the American Revolution - Grades 2+

Access Mars

Magic School Bus Virtual Field Trip

Farm Virtual Tours

39 Clues Virtual Field Trip - Grades 3+

Yellowstone National Park

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Wilson Library Passwords - GV

Library Passwords

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 Click the image above to see the list of usernames/passwords for the GV Library Resources.  

In order to view the document, a student will need to sign in with their school username/password.

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Green Valley Library Resource Username/Password List - for Students

Wilson Library Resources Handout for Teachers

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