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Wilson West Middle School Library: 6th Grade Research

Destiny Quest, World Book, Power Library...and more!

Destiny Discovery Library Catalog


Destiny Discover  

Destiny  Discover is the library catalog that allows you to search for books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks, and even digital media that the district provides through all 8 of the Wilson libraries.

Log into Destiny Quest with your school user name and school password to access your own account.  Destiny Discover

World Book Online

World Book

World Book Online Encyclopedia Explained

The World Book Online Encyclopedia is available with no login when your computer or mobile device is on school property.  For home access, please ask your teacher-librarian or see the Wilson Libraries Passwords link. 

This searchable database is useful for quick access to accurate, reliable information. A full MLA citation for each article is at the bottom of each web page.

World Book Web

Wilson Library Passwords

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Click below and sign-in to Google Apps to view the list of usernames and passwords for any Wilson Library resource.

Research How-to

Research the 6th Grade way…



The Libguides page is “one stop shopping”, the “Super Walmart” of research.

It has everything!


With Libguides you will find…


  • Destiny Discover

Click on the Destiny Discover link and type in your keyword. Keep the keyword search simple. Destiny Discover will inform you of what materials we have in the library on your topic. If no titles can be found (for example the search for English Springer Spaniel yields no results) modify your search and try again (for example Spaniel or simply dog).  When you find a title that looks helpful or interesting remember the Index in the back of the book is like a Google search! MackinVia eBooks are included in this search.


  • World Book Encyclopedia

This searchable database is useful for quick access to accurate, reliable information on ANY topic. A full MLA citation for each article is at the bottom of each web page!!!!

To use this resource at home the user name is wilson1, the password is bulldogs.


E-resources include a variety of resources from magazines to reference books.

Middle School ResearchMiddle School

  • Reference:  Contains more than 128 reference titles from Gale, UXL, Lucent, and Primary Source Media for reference articles, topic overviews, critical essays, and plot summaries
  • Magazines:  More than 1,240 full-text periodicals providing more than 2 million articles
  • News:  Over 1.5 million news results from sources such as KidsPost, Cross Currents, USA Today, CNN Wire, and more
  • Multimedia:  Over 150,000 images;  nearly 12,800 videos, and more than 165,200  audio clips from a variety of sources including the History Channel/A&E,  AP Video News, NASA, UPI Photo Collection, and NPR programs.
  • Biographies:  51,300+ biographies from UXL Biographies, Newsmakers, Scientists: Their Lives & Works, Discovering Biography, Encyclopedia of World Biography, and more.
  • Primary Sources:  3,200+ core primary documents, including government documents, court testimony, letters, legislation, memoirs, and more.



To access this resource at home you must have a public library card or an eCard. Instructions on how to apply for a free eCard are found on the Power Library Home Page. 



  • CultureGrams

Culturegrams is concise, reliable, and up-to-date reports on more than 200 countrieseach U.S. state, and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

To access this database the user name is wilsonwms and the password is bulldog.


  • Gale Virtual Reference Library

This e-resource is a database of reference books. These reference books are designed for higher level research. This database is a great resource for animals (Grzimek is best for this research topic), science, law, and medical research. No user name and password needed when researching in the school.  At home, 

West Middle School

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Activists Research

How to research using Power Library

(Available in school only. At home you would need a public library card or a free ecard. OR use new Single sign-on!)


Power Library

Middle School Research

Middle School


Full text

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Concise, reliable, and up-to-date reports on more than 200 countries, each U.S. state, and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories

Gale Virtual Reference Library



A student-friendly search tool