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Spring Ridge Elementary Makerspace: Paper Circuits (Nursery Rhymes)

Choose a project from the tabs or boxes. Each part has resources and tutorials to create something in the library (and at home, too)!

Paper Circuits Center Check-in

Check-in to the Paper Circuits Makerspace Center HERE,
or scan the QR code with your device.


Chibitronics Tutorials

Check out the Chibitronics website (inventor of paper circuits & Circuit Stickers you can buy) for more project ideas and to share your creation!

Image from Chibitronics website

Paper Circuitry Center with Interactive Nursery Rhymes

At the Paper Circuits center, students use paper, LED lights, and copper tape to create an electric circuit of a nursery rhyme.  Students may create 1 nursery rhyme page at at time.


Jack Be NimbleJack and Jill Circuit 

Paper Circuits Craft/Maker kits are also available to check out for students in grades 2 through 5 WITH a signed Library Use Agreement.  At the beginning of the year (or when students begin attending), parents have to option to choose whether or not their child will be able to check out Maker Kits.

How to Use Copper Tape

You can skip to the 1:43 mark in the video.  All of our copper tape has conductive adhesive.

Jack Be Nimble - Simple Circuit with 1 LED Light

Parallel Circuit with 2 or more LED Lights

How to Make a Switch with Paper Circuits

How to Make 2 or More Switches with Paper Circuits

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Paper Circuits Maker Kits to Check Out