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Spring Ridge Elementary Makerspace: Learning to Code

Choose a project from the tabs or boxes. Each part has resources and tutorials to create something in the library (and at home, too)!

Coding Center Check-in

Check-in to the Coding Makerspace Center HERE, or scan the QR code with your device.

Scratch Jr. app on Tablets


 Scratch Jr. is a FREE app for iPad and Android (4.4 and higher) that teaches students the basics of programming with the Scratch blocks.  It is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Students may use the Scratch Jr. app on the library tablets, instead of the Scratch website, to create videos or animations.

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Scratch - Create your own video games!

Want to create your own games, music, art, or animations?  Scratch can show you how!
You can play online and create an account to save, or you can download the Scratch program at home.

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Lightbot on Tablets or Online

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Students can code with the Lightbot app on the library tablets, or try the Lightbot puzzles online.

Lightbot One Hour is a FREE app for iPhone/iPad and Android (4.4 and higher) that teaches students the basics of coding.  In the app, students program a robot to move and light up blue tiles.

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Website - Learn to Code

Learn how to write code for computers to create your own video games and programs Tutorials
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