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Shiloh Hills Elementary Library: Dan Gutman Author Study

Miss Marissa Loeb Librarian/Teacher

Dan Gutman Talks About My Weird School


Dan Gutman — Book Club for Kids

6 Favorite Moments From My Weird School | With Dan Gutman

6 Favorite Moments From My Weird School | With Dan Gutman - YouTube

Creator Corner

Creator Corner with Dan Gutman MY WEIRD SCHOOL

Celebrate Children's Book Week ALL YEAR! - KidLit TV

Dan Gutman's Official Website

Baseball Card Adventure Series

Honus & Me (Baseball Card Adventures, book 1) by Dan Gutman

Honus and Me - While cleaning out an old lady’s attic, a boy finds the most valuable baseball card in the world – the 1909 Honus Wagner T-206. He also discovers he has the power to travel through time, using baseball cards as his time machine. So he goes back to 1909 and has an adventure with the great Honus Wagner. To find out more about Honus & Me, click on REJECTION LETTERS.

Check out these BOOK TRAILERS and other videos. 


The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable by Dan Gutman Mission Unstoppable: The Genius Files, Book 1 (Audible Audio  Edition): Dan Gutman, Michael Goldstrom, Blackstone Audio, Inc. : Audible  Audiobooks

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Books by Dan Gutman owned by Shiloh Hills

Search in Destiny Discover the books that we have here at Shiloh Hills by author Dan Gutman. Click on the picture to log in with your Wilson google account and password.  

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Audio Books by Dan Gutman

Mackin Via has some audio books written by Dan Gutman.  You will not see pictures or text, but they will be professional read aloud to you.  Log into Mackin Via with your Wilson Google account and search for Dan Gutman and the results will populate. 

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