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Nooks at the Spring Ridge Library: Just for Teacher-Librarians

Permission Forms & Other Student Files

Ereader Documents for Librarians

Ebook Documents for Librarians

Shopping List - Nook Ereaders

NST new

Nook Simple Touch
(New, without GlowLight)

$79 as of May 2013


Nook Simple Touch
(Certified Pre-Owned/CPO)

No Longer Available :(


$19.99 for 2 year warranty
that covers accidents

$9.95 for AC adapter

Shopping List - Nook Covers with Pockets

Leather Covers with pockets and magentic snap closure
(may come with screen protectors, but they are unnecessary)
These are the colors I'm using (or am planning to use) in our school of 525 students.  Other colors are available through Ebay sellers, crazy_ichiban or blueangeldirect.

Blue cover

Green Nook Covers

Blue Nook Covers
#1-6 for lending

Green Nook Covers
#7-12 for lending
Red Nook Covers

Red Nook Covers
#13-18 for lit circles

Black Nook Covers
#19-24 for lit circles


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Shopping List - Nook Carrying Bags is a great resource for custom-made crafts like carrying bags/cases.

We use THESE from Colleen Bass at Needles-N-Pins Stitcheries.  Our school colors are red and white, so we got all red padded cases with velcro closures and a 36" strap for carrying on the shoulder or across the body.

Nook bags

nook bags2