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What's in the Wilson Libraries for New Teachers (and Those Who Need a Refresher!): Home

Your Wilson Libraries

What New Teachers Should Know about Wilson Libraries:

You can...

  • Bring classes for materials, databases, projects or computers

  • Send individual students (when available)

  • Learn about or check out technology (cameras, projectors, etc.)

  • Collaborate with your teacher-librarian on lesson plans (with or w/o technology)

  • Request materials from other schools

  • Work or hang out during your planning period

  • Sign up to use the library space for meetings, groups, etc.

The Wilson Libraries are a place for teachers to...

  • Find a collaborative teaching partner (your teacher-librarian)
  • Have a LibGuide like this made for your class or project

  • Ask questions

  • Relax!

Wilson Library Passwords

password keyboard
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Forgot your password?

Click below and sign-in to Google Apps to view the list of usernames and passwords for any Wilson Library resource.

Destiny Library Catalog Explained

Destiny is the library catalog that allows you to search for books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks, and even digital media that the district provides through all 8 of the Wilson libraries.

Your school may use the more colorful home screen called Destiny Quest by default, but you can "Exit Quest" (top right corner) if you prefer.  Exiting Destiny Quest also allows you to access more features and search options.

World Book Online Encyclopedia Explained

The World Book Online Encyclopedia is available with no login when your computer or mobile device is on school property.  For home access, please ask your teacher-librarian or see the Wilson Libraries Passwords link. 

This searchable database is useful for quick access to accurate, reliable information. A full MLA citation for each article is at the bottom of each web page.

World Book Web

Check This Out! - Great Blogs to Follow!

What do librarians do?

So what exactly does a teacher-librarian do when so much information is available on the Internet?  Take a look!

Infographic by Mia MacMeekin via Pinterest

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