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Shelve It! Game

The Shelve-it or Shelver Game reviews how books are organized in the library.  There are 2 versions to play, Fiction and Dewey, with 3 levels each.

shelve-itImage by Mrs. Lodge

Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders - Video games to help you learn!  Also available as an iPad or Android app!

arcademic Educational Games

Lots of good stuff....just try it out!


FBI Safe Online Surfing Learning Game

FBI Cyber Surf Islands has games to play on each "island."



Funny Fill-ins (like Mad Libs)

Create super silly stories while you practice your ELA skills.  

Scratch - Create your own video games!

Want to create your own games, music, art, or animations?  Scratch can show you how!
You can play online and create an account to save, or you can download the Scratch program at home.

scratchImage from - Learn to Code

Learn how to write code for computers to create your own video games and programs Tutorials
Image from press website

Free Rice Game

Free Rice is a vocabulary game (though you can also play with other subjects) that adjusts the challenge level as you learn.


Typing Club

Typing Club - A great way to learn how to type or practice typing faster

Highlights Kids

Send a Letter to Pete the Cat!

Smithsonian Institute

Ology- Science Website for Kids from the America Museum of Nature History

Learn a New Language

Image result for duolingo logo

Learn a new language!

Dictionary - Word Machine Game

Dictionary Reading Practice Exercise

US Mint for Kids