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Endangered Animal Research Project

World Book Online

The World Book Online Encyclopedia is available with no login when your computer or mobile device is on school property. For home access, please ask your teacher-librarian for the username and password, or refer to Library Password links on this page.

This searchable database is useful for quick access to accurate, reliable information

World Book Web

Kids InfoBits

Click on the image to connect to the page. It will connect you directly to the MAMMALS page

If you venture off or back to the main page select:


select your assigned topic from the list for the article. If you have an Endangered Animal that is a REPTILE, BIRD or other SEA CREATURE, use the drop down menu where MAMMAL is listed to select the correct topic for you!

DK Find Out!

Click on the image above to go to the DK Find Out webpage for Endangered Animals.  The list of articles is short but you can also use the search bar to see if your animals has an article on the website. 

National Geographic Kids: Animals

Click on the image above to take you to National Geographic Kids.

Then use the search bar at the top right of the page to search for your endangered animal. 

San Diego Zoo

Click on the image above to visit the San Diego Zoo's webpage on Animals & Plants. You may scroll down the list of animals to search for your animal or limit your search by using the categories listed. In the upper right hand corner of your screen there is a small search bar you can type in your endangered animal to see if any articles appear as well. 


Click on the image above to take you to the Ducksters Website.

If your endangered animal is listed on their website click on the name to gather your information.

There is a special section on the right hand side that talks about endangered animals and how they become extinct. It may be a good resource for you to take a look at.  

Not all animals will be listed on this site

Ebook resources

The following eBooks are from our Capstone collection. You may click on them to link directly to the book where you can READ or LISTEN to the book to take your notes. 



ELEPHANTS by Sydnie Kleinhenz


GIANT PANDAS by Molly Kolpin



by Lori Polydoros



by Amanda Doering Tourville


Don't forget to check out the Nonfiction books available on Epic! Click on the link above to sign into your classroom account and search for your Endangered Animal to find out what eBooks are available to you.