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Cornwall Terrace Elementary: Teacher Resources

Book Leveler

How to Use World Book Student - 12 min.


Your Wilson Libraries

The Wilson Libraries are a place for teachers to...

  • Find a collaborative teaching partner (your teacher-librarian)
  • Have a LibGuide like this made for your class or project

  • Ask questions

  • Relax!

What Teachers Should Know about Wilson Libraries:

You can...

  • Collaborate with your teacher-librarian on lesson plans (with or w/o technology)
  • Bring classes for materials, databases, and projects 
  • Send individual students (when available)

  • Request materials from other schools
  • Learn about or troubleshoot technology related items
  • Work or hang out during your planning period

  • Sign up to use the library space for meetings, groups, etc.

How to Use Destiny Library Catalog - 8 min.

Check This Out! - Great Blogs to Follow!

Wilson Library Passwords

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Click below and sign-in to Google Apps to view the list of usernames and passwords for any Wilson Library resource.