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What's in the Wilson Libraries for New Teachers (and Those Who Need a Refresher!): Awesome Apps!

Apps Disclaimer

The apps listed are created and maintained by people and organizations outside the Wilson School District.  Their appearance on this website does NOT imply that Wilson School District endorses these apps for use.  Please review and research apps yourself before downloading or buying!

Book Retriever App

Book Retriever screenshot

Book Retriever - $0.99 paid app on Apple devices, website version coming soon - The Book Retriever app lets teachers and parents level, manage, track, Lend and rrganize your whole classroom/home library.

Library Leveler App

library leveler appLibrary Leveler - $4.99 paid app for Android - The Library Leveler app was created with teachers to quickly level books by either scanning the ISBN barcode of a book or entering the full title of the book.  This time effective tool allows you to quickly level, sort and create leveled libraries in your classrooms, or to select an appropriate book for your children at a bookstore, library or garage sale. (Released in March 2013)

UPC BARCODES ARE RETAIL STORE BARCODES AND NOT ISBN #'s and will NOT WORK with this app.  If the ISBN doesn't work, try typing in the title!

Level Finder App

level finder appLevel Finder - $1.99 paid app for Apple - The Level Finder app allows you to look up the Accelerate Reading™ level of over 126,000 books on the go. It has almost every English AR™ book title currently available, according to the developer.

Books & Inventory App (Books Xpress)

books xpress appBooks & Inventory (aka Books Xpress) - Free 3-week demo and $1.99 Pro version available - Books Xpress is an easy-to-use book collection management app that helps you organize all your book inventory and its information in your phone/tablet. Books Xpress lets you manage your items with notes, captured photos, to-do & expense lists, record voice, etc.

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