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Cornwall Terrace Elementary: 3rd grade projects

Activity 1

Everyone has a favorite song, a favorite ice cream flavor, a favorite color (well, almost everyone!).  Most of us have a particular kind or type of book we like best (it's called a genre). 

 So, here's a fun quiz to see if you were a book, what genre of book would you be?



  1. Fairy Tale: a story with magic, monsters, and/or talking animals (like fiction / fantasy, but part of the oral tradition).
  2.  Adventure: story in which  an exciting undertaking involving risk and physical danger, is present.
  3. Historical Fiction: based on a person or event from history.
  4. Science Fiction: dealing with aliens, the distant future, or advanced technology.
  5. Fantasy: containing monsters, magic, or other supernatural elements.
  6. Realistic Fiction: a story that could have happened, but didn’t.
  7. Biography: the story of one’s life told by another.
  8. Mystery: Involves detectives, locating clues, trying to problem-solve

Activity 3

Together, we will review how to find a specific genre using Destiny Quest.  In the meantime, use this tutortial to refresh your destiny quest search skills!



Activity 2

Below are two videos on genre. There is no set agreement on what or how many genres there really are (lots are considered subsets of other genres), but these videos will give you a general idea of how to identify what genre a book or story is. 

View one (or both!) and then test yourself on how good you are at identifying different genres!!!!!

So, are you a Genre MASTER?

Activity 4

Okay, now you're ready to be a genre expert for Destiny Quest!  

FIND a book in your favorite GENRE, and check it out!