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Cornwall Terrace Elementary: 4th grade projects

World Book Online Task


  1. Look up Alaska to see if there is a Koyukuk River.

  2. Is there a Yukon River in Alaska?

  3. Do the Aleutian Islands look like a beard?

  4. Is Dolbi a real city in Alaska?

  5. Which of the following is the capital of Alaska: Anchorage, Fairbanks, or Juneau?

  6. Can you find the part of Alaska that looks like a pan handle?

How to Write a Book Summary

  1. Write an opening. Include the author and the book title, plus a description of the book's premise in no more than two sentences. ...
  2. Summarize the plot. ...
  3. Edit it for length (optional). ...
  4. Summarize the ending. ...
  5. Describe the main theme (optional).

The Year of Miss Agnes- Historical Fiction

Image result for year of miss agnes

Book Summary:

This is story about a dedicated teacher named Miss Agnes. It is set mostly in a cozy village classroom in 1948. The main character is Fred, a ten-year-old girl. The story is told from her point of view and describes the year Miss Agnes takes over the one-room school. Miss Agnes is the first teacher to encourage the children to explore art, literature, and their own potential. She teaches the students the basic subjects in relevant ways and shows sensitivity to village life and to each child. 

Writing a Book Review Form

Book Review

Today I’ll be telling you about:______________by:_______________

                                               (name of book)             (author of book)


This is a book about:

I really enjoyed this book because:


I would give this book _________ stars out of 5!

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