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Cornwall Terrace Elementary: 5th grade projects

Assignment #1

1. Select topic, plus a back-up from the categories shown

2. Using the tools below, check to see if there is information available

    World book online

    Pebble Go


    Info Bits



    Destiny Quest

*Must find at least 3 sources to become an expert on your topic

3.Tell the teacher your topic

4. Use both the digital and print resources to listen or read the information to increase background knowledge and schema about your topic

Assignment #2

   1. Discuss the pluses and concerns with 3 friends, jotting down any that you need to address

   2. Write 5 notes on your topic in your own words

    *You may need to look up information in the sources for additional information especially in concerned areas

Bibliography Collection Information


Research Topic ___________________________


__________________ , ________________ . ________________________________,        _________.

Author’s last name      Author’s first name    Title of Book * underline if writing on paper Copyright * italicize if typing Date 

.***********If a book has more than one author, just use the one listed first!*********

On-line Encyclopedias

____________________________ , ____________________________ ,

“Title of article”                              Name of encyclopedia (in quotation marks) (underline it!)

URL (website address) http://_____________________________________________.

URL (website address) Websites

________________________________ , http://_____________________________________.

"Title of website"                                  URL (website address)

Assignment #3

Come up a plan to present your findings and make a pitch for your topic to be considered

Give credit to your sources.