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Cornwall Terrace Elementary: 4th grade Gifted

Leonardo da Vinci

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci was much more than an artist. He was an astronomer, sculptor, geologist, mathematician, botanist, animal behaviourist, inventor, engineer, architect and even a musician? Check out these links to find out more!


Eiffel Tower Info


Paris Eiffel Tower News

Twin Towers Info

New York

Leaning Tower of Pisa Info

foundation design


Leaning Tower of Pisa

Image result for leaning tower of pisa

Scholastic Book Wizard

Find and level books with Book Wizard. Plus, get booktalks, lesson plans, author studies, videos, and discussion guides.

Water Unit

For information and videos about water testing and about how to use the kit to test the water 

Water Project Inc.


PENNSYLVANIA  Department of Environmental Protection

 Penn State Extension

National Geographic Kids


Presidential Pets

Solar Electricity


Electrical Grid Infrastructure

sun photons

Website Evaluation Assignment

Website Evaluation Assignment

Not everything on the Internet is true.  Some of the websites on this page are lying, and some are telling the truth.

Your job is to figure out which ones are giving true, reliable information, and which ones are giving false information.

When you think you know the answers,

World Book Online Explained - ELEM

The World Book Online Encyclopedia is a useful resource for accurate, reliable information.  For home access, please ask your teacher-librarian for the login information or see the Wilson Libraries Passwords book

Website Evaluation Wizard

This "wizard" tool helps you evaluate a website by looking at the author, publisher, objectivity/bias, links from the site, date, accuracy, evidence, and links to the site.