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Cornwall Terrace Elementary: Research 2016-17

Credible Sources for doing Research

Destiny Quest

World Book 



Explora PrimarySchools

 SIRS Discoverer

Kid Safe Search Site:








Tools for Citing Sources and avoiding plagarism

What is Plagarism?

Website Evaluation Assignment

Website Evaluation Assignment

Not everything on the Internet is true.  Some of the websites on this page are lying, and some are telling the truth.

Your job is to figure out which ones are giving true, reliable information, and which ones are giving false information.

When you think you know the answers,

Website Evaluation Tool: Evaluation Wizard

This "wizard" tool helps you evaluate a website by looking at the author, publisher, objectivity/bias, links from the site, date, accuracy, evidence, and links to the site.

Copyright safe images: Pixabay Images