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Green Valley Elementary School Library: 3rd Grade

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Destiny Library Catalog - Green Valley

Destiny Library Catalog

Destiny Quest allows you to search for books, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks, and even digital media that the district provides through all 8 of the Wilson libraries.

eBooks and Audiobooks










POWER Library - GV


POWER Library icon

This link will take you directly to POWER Library from school.  If you are at home, please go to your public library website and login with your library card number to use POWER Library's resources.


Kid Safe Search Engines




Research Tools


Database of Nonfiction Sources

Grades K-5



for Facts and Nonfiction Information

Grades 2-5




for Facts and Nonfiction Information - Grades 3 - 6




PEBBLE GO Database 

for Facts and Nonfiction Information - Grades K - 3





for Definitions, Spellings,

Synonyms/Antonyms, and Rhyming Words

DK Find Out! Picture Encyclopedia

DK Find Out!
Image from DK Find Out! website

DK Find Out! is a free online encyclopedia with interactive pictures.  Though it does not have as much information as World Book Online, it's a great place to quickly look up answers to common questions.


Searchable Information for Students - History, Biographies, Science, Geography, Math, and more!

3rd Grade Science

Grade 3: Plant Growth and Development

In this unit, students observe the life cycle of the plant Brassica rapa.  Students plant their own seeds to begin an 8-week inquiry into the life cycle of a simple plant. Using plants that complete their life cycle in 35 days, students are able to watch germination and maturation while learning about the specific parts of a plant and the function each serves. Because they care for their own seedlings, students learn that plants need light, soil, nutrients from soil, and water to survive.



Subject Guide

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Lisa Goehler
Green Valley Elementary School

Wilson Library Passwords - GV

Library Passwords

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Forgot a Password?

 Click the image above to see the list of usernames/passwords for the GV Library Resources.  

In order to view the document, a student will need to sign in with their school username/password.

Print a copy to keep near your computer at home.

Green Valley Library Resource Username/Password List - for Students

Wilson Library Resources Handout for Teachers