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Spring Ridge Elementary School Library: Things to Do This Summer

If you want to see the regular library website, go to your browser menu and select "Desktop Site." Click on a tab to view resources for your grade, or click on "Digital Library" to view all of our resources at once.

Make something and share it on the DIY Website is a website for kids who like to make things.  Ask your parents to help you make a FREE account, and share what you are making to earn badges!

DIY logoImage from Twitter feed

Scratch - Create your own video games!

Want to create your own games, music, art, or animations?  Scratch can show you how!
You can play online and create an account to save, or you can download the Scratch program at home.

scratchImage from

Learn how to code with the Scratch Jr. app

Image from

 Scratch Jr. is a FREE app for iPad and Android that teaches students the basics of programming with the Scratch blocks.  It is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Learn a new language with Duolingo

Duolingo is a FREE website (and mobile app) for learning a new language in small chunks.  Ask your parents to help you make an account and start learning today!
Duolingo app
Image from Duolingo Wikipedia page

MackinVIA Ebooks

MackinVIA ebooks
Image from the MackinVIA website

Read or listen to ALL of our library's ebooks using the MackinVIA website, or the MackinVIA ereader app on your mobile device! You can also access all of our library's databases through MackinVIA if you forget the passwords for home access.
Use your school Google Apps username and password to login.

Capstone Ebooks and Audiobooks - SR

Access the Spring Ridge collection of interactive ebooks by clicking on the link:

Capstone Interactive eBooksImage from Capstone Publishers

Put the Spring Ridge Library on your iPad or Android tablet

Image from Pixabay

You can put the Spring Ridge Library "apps" on your mobile devices by following these steps:

  1. On your device, open an Internet browser (like Chrome or Safari) and go to the library website at
  2. If you see a lot of boxes, go to your browser menu, and select "desktop site."
  3. Now, go to your browser menu, and click "Add to homescreen" and give the bookmark "app" a name.
  4. Your homescreen should now include a labeled app that goes right to the Spring Ridge Library website.

  5. You can also download the FREE Destiny Quest app (iTunes or Google Play) and put it with the library website app in a "Library" folder on your device homescreen.  When you first start the app, you will need to enter this web address to connect to the Spring Ridge Library. -

  6. If you have an iPad, you can also download the FREE Capstone Interactive app to download up to 20 of our library's ebooks to read offline.  When prompted, use the username and password on the Spring Ridge Library Passwords page (must be a Wilson student AND logged into school Google account to access passwords).

  7. Our library will be moving to the MackinVIA apps for all ebook access starting in the 2016-17 school year.  You can download the MackinVIA app for your device and add it to your "Library" folder on your device's homescreen.  Login information will be provided when the school year starts.

littleBits (TM) Project Website

The littleBits™ website has lots of project ideas for inspiration!  You can re-create one of them, or better yet, make your own original creations!

SCROLL DOWN on the project website to view more.

Image from littleBits™ Press Kit

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Spring Ridge Library Passwords

password keys
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Need a library password?

Wilson students can click here and sign-in to Google Apps to view the list of usernames and passwords for the Spring Ridge Library resources.  Don't forget to print out a copy to keep next to your home computer!